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Jun 08

For Kids to Kanagaroos – growing up with Rugby League

Extract from the book…

…as a young boy, I woke up every morning and went to bed every night as a different St George player just as kids do today, acting out the role of their heroes …For all that, here the similarities end because there is a huge difference between a boy living in the 1940’s and one in today’s 24/7 worlds of communication and entertainment…


I played for the love of the game. To me it was a private world of wonderment where for 90 minutes each week I got to be the person I wanted to believe I was, and within a set of rules that were made by rugby league people for rugby league people and not by parents, society, or teachers…


…above all, I played just for me. That is not to say I didn’t respect the coaches and their direction ;I always did. However, I played for the sheer joy of participation and being myself.


…There are the broad disciplines required of a person in a team sport that go far in mastering the skills of life, as much as the acquisition of the game’s techniques…I can honestly say I have never run into anyone I remember from the French or Latin classes, but I regularly come across many people from the athletics and rugby league teams.


The serious business of playing competitive sport or even pick-up in after school games was as important in a young person’s growth as classroom education. sharing and recognising the responsibility that goes with sport enhances the respect of fair authority, which is an integral part of one’s development.


…there comes a time when the group of your youth…do not get the call to the next level…The decision comes down to this question: Do you stay with the security of tried and rue friendships, or do you take the challenge of the unknown

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