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Aug 02

Rugby league Can be self-discovery for the coach as well as the player

Earl Weaver was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles for 17 years and what he had to say about the expectations of young players  and their hopes is as true today as it was in the 80s. “you have a hundred kids more than you have a place for in the club . They have  a going away party got to  kiss everybody said “See you in the Majors”  But you see these kids should not be here  in the firs placet because you could write  on their assessment a low rating: in most everything. You tell them “it is the consensus among us that we are going to let you go back home” Some  get mad but none of them will leave until  you answer them one uestion ” What do you think”? Then  I have to look them in the eye  and say ‘NO’ and I have to say it meanly enough so that may do themselves a favour and not waste years learning what you can see in a short time . They simply dont have what it takes to make the Major , just the same as I never did”

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