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Jun 11

Superleague – the war that change the sport

Extract from the book…

I have, on many occasions since March 30, 1995, reflected on the coincidence that the staff of the New South Wales Rugby League and the Australian Rugby League chose the Rocks Dynasty Restaurant…as the venue for a surprise birthday party for me when, just a short distance away…the battle to control the game was about to commence….

…One could sense the tension that the impending massive drive to control a sport that had been born of need, and endured endless upheavals, was about to begin…even now I wonder about the incredible parallels that occurred that evening at the Dynasty, which was host to the people who were the heart and soul of the game…

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This is a historic Tony Rafty caricature which was drawn on the night the Superleague war  started – this was Paul’s birthday which is written about in the book.

Please note caricature photo does not appear in the book. 



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