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Jan 01

The athlete and the coach

The best competitor in the life of coaches are themselves because they must always want to make the athletes as successful as they are capable of becoming whilst ,in addition,teaching life skills.

Whilst the paragraphs below may be of a different system of talent identification and development it nevertheless reflects the true role of a coach

Earl Weaver was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles for 17 years and what he had to say about the expectations of young players and their hopes are as true today as it was in the 80s.

“You have a hundred or more kids than you have a place for in your team. Every one of them has a going away party, much parental and friends love, a couple of hundred dollars and they kiss everybody with” See you in the Majors”. But you see these kids should be not be here in the first place. You could write on their assessment a low rating of everything. You call them into your office and tell them “It is the consensus among us that we are going to let you go back home”. Some of them are emotional, some get mad, but none of them will leave unless you answer one question “What do you think? Then you have to look them right in the eye and say “NO”. You have to say it meanly enough so that may do themselves a favour and stop wasting years to learn what you see in one day. They do not have what it takes to make the Majors, just like I’d never had It”

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