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Nov 02

Balmains Sydney

Balmain Tigers Rugby League was and  remains, for many, symbolic of the communities of the City of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, more  significantly so in the 20th century. For so many  it was a time when there was a common understanding, through rugby league, of this city and its  communities values. Rugby League was the glue that bound us then as the beginning of the greater city of Sydney diverse community emerged. Balmain former CEO David Trodden will tell, even now, of great grandchildren presenting photos for identification of their great grandfathers. Preserving history and memories means   those photos that hang on the walls of clubs, hotels, and homes throughout this state remain, just so questions asked will have the answers known .Rugby league can still be a part of the envisaged global village provided we never forget that history was not just recorded by those who were the victors. Heritage was handed  down by those whose courage and tenacity formed  clubs such as Glebe Reds 1908,Annandale Dales 1920,University1937, Cumberland 1908, Newtown 1983,and Norths 1999. Balmain still lives,  but don’t put those photos or memories in a box whether Balmain or any other club or player . Hang them high because as rugby leagues great indigenous players reminder us always that visual storytelling  preserves truth. We whose passion defies logic must  understand the importance of preserving the heritage of rugby league. Our nations is  rapidly demographically and these  changes mean more than ever we retain our integrity as an international sport by continuing to display strong historical moral values .

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